Wednesday, October 22, 2014


從來沒想過還有再見面的一天。。。這次的見面會造就下一站、幸福或是下一站、悲劇,我不曉得。。。 我太執著了,不願放棄事實寧願選擇相信奇蹟。。。 因為我想再相信你一次,因為我想相信從你眼裏我還看見你對我的愛,因為我想相信我們還要未來,因為我想相信老天總有一天會對我公平。。。我只是想要簡單的幸福,就這樣而已。。。
我的心這幾年常常被我的眼淚割傷,雖已偏體鱗傷, 但卻無人幫我敷藥, 我是靠著這份執著,這份任性,這份堅強和這份渴望為此至今, 我不知道我哪刻會突然停止呼吸,支撐不住倒下,但在那之前, 我想再用心認認真真愛你一次。。。

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


我是不是在期待一些永遠不會發生的事?又或許我正在發一場6年前就應該發完的夢? 6年後從現是不是我守得雲開見月明還是老天爺想在用力的刮醒我一次? 我該何去何從。。。是前進還是後退,是爭取還是放棄,是接受還是拒絕? 誰能救救我?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Life Is Fucked Up!!!

It's amazing how screwed up my life can be... Haters! Stirrers! Betrayers! Selfish people in my life. All wanting me to be the way they want me to be and not accepting me for who I am!!! Why can't I just be me and you guys accepting me for who I am... I never had the intention to harm anyone, I just wanna lead a life on my own and be happy, I've put in numerous efforts to achieve that but God you're not fair, Ur leaving the good karma for e people with evil hearts and all the bad karma to people like me!!! I'm tired... Why bother to send someone whom I used to love and hate so much back into my life when there isnt't gonna be any changes and history is gonna repeat itself?! Why bother to reward people whom has treated others badly but torture people who has been living a righteous life?! Is this fair?! Did I killed someone in my previous life that you had to repay me with such a horrible karma this life?! Why not you just take my life away and end these unnecessary sufferings of mine?! I wanna stop feeling so fuckup every single day... I'm tired of picking myself up and throwing encouraging words to myself to attain my positivity in life day after day, and you ended wrecking it for me night after night!!! Come on, spare me will you?! I wanna get out of this shithole, if you can't bless me with happiness then I rather you take away my sufferings...